Dental Hygiene

dental hygienist leixlip kildare

At Riverforest Dental we place great emphasis at instilling good oral hygiene habits in all our patients.

The practice of good oral hygiene will go a long way towards preventing any potential dental problems occurring over the course of your lifetime. Regular check-ups and visits to your dentist means we can ensure that you receive the best care and the best treatments to prevent problems in the long run and helping to maintain your overall well-being.

Our dental hygienists take great pride in their gentle, understanding and friendly approach. Our patients regard the service we provide as invaluable. It is our mission to deliver the very best in dental care in a relaxed and stress-free experience.

Our team deliver regular dental cleaning; aesthetic cleaning and help to manage gingival issues. We also offer more advance periodontal treatments for those affected by gum disease. Other cosmetic services such as tooth whitening and fissure sealants are also available at the practice.

We suggest that all our patients maintain regular dental appointments. Not only will such visits leave you with a feeling that your mouth is exceptionally clean, but they will help to ensure you prevent the onset of calculus that leads to cavities, gingivitis, gum disease and more serious dental problems.

Our practice is fully digital, with digital X-rays ensuring the minimum exposure to radiation.