Dental Implants

dental implants Leixlip co.Kildare - dr paul browne

We all strive for a confident smile. Having gaps in teeth can affect our confidence and self-esteem. These are easily fixable and the use of dental implants here at our clinic in Leixlip can work wonders at restoring your smile giving you a confident, glowing appearance.

Dental implants are titanium fixtures, which are placed into the jaw, and act as a permanent replacement for missing teeth or can act as an anchor for dentures, bridges or crowns.

Riverforest Dental boasts a team that is skilled in the area of dental implants and uses the most up to date technology to deliver such therapy. If you are considering such a procedure please don’t hesitate to avail of our free consultation to discuss your requirements. This consultation with identify your specific needs and if you are suitable for dental implants. Our team will then outline a personal plan and a cost estimate for you.