Nervous Patients

At Riverforest Dental, we prioritise compassion and understanding. We understand that dental anxiety is a common concern, preventing many people in Ireland from visiting the dentist regularly. Our goal is to address dental phobia and ensure your oral health doesn’t suffer.

nervous dentist patient leixlip

We take extra care to help nervous patients gradually acclimate to dental visits. Whether it’s a friendly chat to get acquainted with our staff or multiple visits before a check-up or treatment, we want to ease your fears. Overcoming dental anxiety is essential, and our modern dentistry techniques are virtually painless. Building trust is crucial, so we never rush you into anything until you feel completely comfortable. As trust grows, fear often fades, transforming your relationship with dental care.

For those with persistent anxiety, we offer conscious sedation options like oral and IV sedation. These techniques allow you to remain conscious but relaxed during treatment. Many patients find the experience so pleasant that it feels like drifting off to sleep. Learn more about our Gentle Sedation here.

At Riverforest Dental, we’re committed to providing a positive and anxiety-free dental experience. Trust us to support you throughout your journey to better oral health.