Full Mouth Implants in Leixlip

Where once the only solution for patients who have lost all their teeth was unsecured dentures, new technology has resulted in the development of full mouth implants (All on 4) which can be a remarkable and permanent solution.

Full mouth dentures only offered a basic solution to patients. They didn’t deal with issues such as bone loss or shrinking gums and often were described as uncomfortable.
Implant-supported bridges or dentures offer a more stable and comfortable solution and are long lasting. They help to preserve the jaw bone and can make eating, chewing and speaking easier.

The process of treatment can be completed one visit meaning you can leave the practice with a set of permanent new teeth. However, it should be noted that this All On 4 solution will only work for patients who have enough jaw bone density to be able to support the new implants. Should you be deemed to be unsuitable for such a treatment this does not mean full implants are not for you. It will simply mean the process will be that bit longer, requiring extra work such as bone-grafts or sinus lifts to help build you bone structure.

all on 4 dental implants leixlip co.kildare
natalie joyce

“All my family and I go here. Excellent service, lovely staff and I highly recommend here. Two of my kids had braces done at Riverforest Dentist”.

Natalie Joyce

“Excellent Dental Clinic Riverforest, top of line equipment with a very friendly and welcoming staff and the doctor is not only superb but explained every single step of the process making you even more relaxed during your treatment. Highly recommended and will be back”.

Fergus Lalley

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