Dental Onlays in Leixlip

Say goodbye to tooth decay and broken-down teeth with the ultimate solution – Onlay Restoration! Designed to safeguard against further damage, Onlay Restorations boast a unique shape that protects the tooth while preserving its healthy part.

These solid ceramic or porcelain pieces are expertly shaped to mimic your natural teeth, ensuring seamless functionality and a flawless blend with your smile. We spare no effort in ensuring top-notch quality by partnering with leading dental laboratories and employing the finest materials and craftsmanship. By using advanced technology, like our high-tech Cerec machine, we can craft accurate Onlays to the nearest nanometer in just one visit! This revolutionary machine utilises 3D scans of your mouth to design the restoration before precisely milling it from a solid ceramic block – a truly state-of-the-art process.

Unlike crowns, Onlays require minimal removal of healthy tooth tissue during preparation and are permanently cemented in place, providing a snug fit over the damaged area. Optimal for areas facing heavy chewing stress, these robust restorations deliver unparalleled durability.

Inlays, tailored for the centre of a tooth, and Onlays, covering biting surfaces and spaces between teeth, present ideal alternatives when a composite filling falls short of providing the needed support, yet a crown remains unnecessary. Embrace the power of Onlay Restoration and restore your dental health with confidence!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reasons include:
The presence of a large filling or long-term decay extended under the cusps or points can result in the weakening of your tooth.
An onlay may be required to protect a root filling.
You may wish to remove an existing mercury filling in order to give an improved appearance to your tooth.

In the early stages of onlay use these tended to be produced with gold. As technology has advanced onlays are now produced using a zirconium/porcelain or pressed porcelain material that enables better matching of natural tooth colouring. Belle-Glass is a resin-based material that can also be used in onlays and tends to be less expensive but doesn’t last as long as the more expensive options.
Your dentist will remove any parts of your tooth that have been weakened or are seeing decay. The prepared tooth will then have an impression taken including details of the tooth’s shade. Once this process is complete the impression is sent to a dental lab. You will be provided with a temporary filling until your permanent onlay is returned ready from the laboratory. Normally this process takes about two weeks.
Tooth adjustment repositions the slopes of the teeth that help them come together can be a great help in repositioning the jaw.

One you have tested the fit and are happy with the bite and appearance of your onlay your dentist will secure the onlay in place using a special dental cement.

If you have any other questions, please contact us