Single Implant in Leixlip

Whether you have lost a tooth through accident, gum disease or decay there is a solution for you.

A single tooth missing from your smile can have an aesthetic and clinical impact occasionally resulting in a ‘sunken’ look or causing difficulty biting or chewing.

A single implant is a superb solution and can often result in a natural appearance and prevents the risk of other teeth shifting to fill the exposed gap.

A single tooth implant to be placed immediately with a temporary crown used to fill the gap in the mouth. Once the implant has integrated sufficiently with you jaw bone the temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent replacement tooth. This process is complete between three and six months with some follow up visits possibly required.

single dental implant leixlip co.kildare
natalie joyce

“All my family and I go here. Excellent service, lovely staff and I highly recommend here. Two of my kids had braces done at Riverforest Dentist”.

Natalie Joyce

“Excellent Dental Clinic Riverforest, top of line equipment with a very friendly and welcoming staff and the doctor is not only superb but explained every single step of the process making you even more relaxed during your treatment. Highly recommended and will be back”.

Fergus Lalley

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