Teeth Whitening in Leixlip

Are you yearning for a brighter, more dazzling smile? Search no more! At Riverforest Dental, we offer a range of tooth whitening solutions that will safely transform the shade of your teeth without causing any damage. Our state-of-the-art technique, governed by legislation, utilises gels containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, expertly administered by your dentist in special trays resembling gum shields. With these custom-fit trays, you can conveniently whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home over several weeks until you achieve the picture-perfect shade you desire.

The teeth whitening process is a painless, hassle-free journey towards a more confident smile. Although some patients may experience slight sensitivity, we’ve got you covered with soothing fluoride rinses to address any discomfort.

Got questions about teeth whitening? We’ve got the answers! Check out our comprehensive FAQ section below to find everything you need to know about the teeth whitening process. Get ready to unlock your radiant smile at Riverforest Dental!

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The process will take a number of weeks depending on how regular you use the tray system and depending on the shade you desire. The best results are achieved by the slow release of hydrogen peroxide within the tray system.
This will depend on the original shade of your teeth. The whitening treatment lasts for around one to three years, although sometimes it can last for longer. Over time your teeth will darken but you have the option to repeat the whitening process again should you wish.
Whitening only lightens the existing natural tooth colour. Should you wish to change to a very specific shade then you also have the option of veneering. If you use removable dentures that have become stained then these can be clean and whitened by your dentist. In some cases, however, they may require replacing. You dentist will be able to advise you fully based on your own particular needs.
Yes. If the tooth has been root treated then the whitening solution can be applied to the canal which previously contained the nerve.
Good oral hygiene is a key part of all dental care. We recommend keeping up regular visits to your hygienist to ensure the whiteness of your teeth is maintained. There are many products on the market which can maintain and boost the whiteness of your teeth. You dentist can advise you on the best products that will be most suitable for you. If you do experience any sensitivity during the whitening process be aware that this is normal and will pass very quickly. You can also talk to your dentist about availing of certain products that will alleviate such sensitivity.

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